New Art Installation Appeared in Samara

Three sculptures of red elephants appeared in Samara, on the territory of the Novaya Samara microdistrict, on the eve of the city day which will be celebrated from September 11 to September 13, reports. 

Picture: Samara Regional Website

“Elephants were the heroes of our very first commercial video a few years ago. They brought us good luck, and who knows, maybe they will help the residents of Novaya Samara pass exams or make important life decisions,” the head of the marketing department of the Finstroy group of companies, Andrey Bolshakov, said.

The beautiful sculptures were temporarily installed at one of the entrances to the residential complex. It is noted that more than 600 steel parts were produced for each elephant. They were to be connected together into one volumetric structure. It took about two months to create the art object but it will stand for several years. It is also specified that the steel surface was treated with special enamel which can stand the rain, snow, and different temperature.

Ru-Main, 15.09.2020 

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