New Breed of Dog: Karelian Laika

A new breed of dog, the Karelian Laika, was bred in Russia, reports Ministry of Nature Management of the Republic of Karelia. The breed standard was officially approved at a meeting of the special commission in Moscow. The breed has a bright red colour, hunts well and can live in an apartment.  

Picture: Karelian Ministry of Nature VK-Page

Two different breeds of dogs, Finnish Spitz and Karelian Laika, are very similar and usually, only a specialist can distinguish them. The Laika is a hunting breed, and Spitz is a decorative dog. Karelian Laika has its features, which distinguish it from other types of hunting dogs and gives great superiority to this breed.

“Karelka”, according to dog handlers, consumes about 300 g of meat per day and is characterized by high physical activity, stamina and temperament. It has a bright red colour and a relatively small size so that it can live in an apartment.

Ru-Main, 10.01.2020

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