New Bridge Construction Began in Rostov

In Rostov-on-Don began the construction of a new bridge in the alignment of Malinovsky Street. The contractor has begun preliminary work, according to the administration of the city, reports.  

Picture: Rostov Regional Website

Rostovavtomost company is completing the works of a construction site for workers and technicians, and in the near future, on the site will start preparations for the installation of support for a backup bridge.

The authorities recalled that the reconstruction of the overpass begins with the construction of a backup bridge. When the structure is installed, the traffic flow from the existing bridge will be redirected to it.

It should be noted, that hey will not close the passage, but they will limit the traffic. In addition, as part of the reconstruction, they will update a part of Malinovsky Street on the stretch from Fakelnaya to Typografskaya, which will also make the traffic more complicated.

Ru-Main, 22.01.2020

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