New Cafes and Grocery Stores Opened in Novosibirsk

A quarter of all new companies opened in Novosibirsk fall into two categories, namely, restaurant business (over 13 per cent) and grocery retail (over 11 per cent). This follows from the study based on an analysis of data from new small and medium-sized businesses in Novosibirsk that worked with MTS Kassa in September 2020, reports. 

It is noted that at the beginning of the business season, companies from the service sector more often were connected to the online checkout from MTS (more than 45 per cent). Of these, 13 per cent are individual entrepreneurs and companies engaged in the restaurant business, 9 per cent are flower shops, and 8 per cent are pastry shops. The Novosibirsk list of popular categories of new business from the service sector is closed by construction (7 per cent) and plumbing services (3 per cent). As for the trade sector, the most popular types of new businesses in September 2020, apart from grocery ones, were auto parts stores (6 per cent), lingerie shops (5 per cent), and clothes (5 per cent).

Ru-Main, 18.10.2020 

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