New Cancer Care Center in Samara

In total, 12 medical facilities are to be opened in the region. The rooms are repaired and equipped with modern devices, among which are 2 video gastroscopes, 2 video colonoscopes, 2 ultrasound machines and a mammograph with tomosynthesis function. 

Picture: Samara Governor’s Department of Information Policy Twitter-Page 

The staff included 12 doctors and the same number of paramedical staff. After the new year, the staff will increase to 34, including oncologists, ultrasound and endoscopic diagnostics doctors, and radiologists.

In the nine months of 2019, 4,790 patients died of cancer, reports Samara regional website. A significant part – 969 people – passed away young. For the same period, in the Samara region, doctors first diagnosed malignant tumours in 10 989 people.

“The new equipment allows not only to establish suspicion of the presence of cancer, but also to perform everything that makes it possible to confirm or refute these suspicions”, said the head physician Sergei Pushkin.

The department has already received almost 50 patients and conduct several dozen studies. In total, 12 such centres will be opened by 2024. Starting in 2020, oncologists will be paid an extra 1,000 rubles for early diagnosis of cancer and referral to the right specialists for three days.

Ru-Main, 23.12.2019

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