New Generation of Trains Appeared in Rostov

On February 7, a new generation railbuses entered the Rostov-Volgodonsk route. The first to ride on it was the Governor of the Rostov Region, Vasily Golubev, and the Head of the North Caucasus Railway Vladimir Pyastolov. 

Picture: Rostov Regional Website

The buses will run in two- and four-car hitch. The number of seats has been increased, and in the vestibules of the head cars, a lifting mechanism is provided for the landing of the disabled passengers.

To date, 123 regional trains run along 22 regional routes. In 2019, they transported 8.3 million passengers. At the same time, half of the passenger traffic falls on the Rostov-Taganrog-Uspenskaya section.

In the direction of Rostov-Salsk-Volgodonsk, three pairs of commuter trains run, which in 2019 transported more than 500 thousand passengers.

Ru-Main, 08.02.2020

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