New Japanese Technologies Being Tested in St. Petersburg

New Japanese technologies for dealing with pits on the roads in all weather conditions began to be tested in St. Petersburg. The road workers carried out the first laying of the rapidly hardening material on the Bolsheokhtinsky bridge with heavy traffic and strong vibration, TASS reports. 

On the rise of the Bolsheokhtinsky bridge, the road workers carried out a test laying of the Japanese material “Aqua Patch” on three different defects. It is noted that the first test took place on a specially prepared surface for laying the patch, in the second case, before laying the material, the pit with uneven edges was cleaned and dried, in the third, the innovative material was placed in a pit with water.

The use of new technologies is especially important for St. Petersburg, as the new material makes it possible to repair roads in rain or snow, that is in weather conditions typical for the city. It is specified that the material which has been used in Japan since 2009, hardens in a short time, so half an hour after the work is completed, the car traffic on patches can be resumed.

Ru-Main, 18.03.2021 

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