New Luxury Cars’ Sales Sharply Increased in Russia

April 2021 showed positive dynamics in the Russian market of the new Luxury segment cars (+86 per cent). In May, the sales of such cars around the country increased by 70 per cent, to 97 cars, according to the Autostat analytical agency. 

It is worth noting that one more participant has been added to the luxury cars market in Russia. Aurus Senat has been launched into mass production and is available for orders. In the meantime, Bentley was among the sales leaders in May 2021, with a result of 39 sold cars (an increase of 2.8 times). In turn, Rolls-Royce sold 29 cars (an increase of 3.2 times) and Ferrari closed the top three with a result of 11 cars (an increase of 11 times). Next in the ranking go Lamborghini, 9 cars (-31 per cent), Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class, 6 cars (-50 per cent), one Aston Martin car, one Maserati car, and one Aurus car.

Ru-Main, 22.06.2021 

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