New Medical Centre in Chelyabinsk Helps to Save Limbs Intact

In the Chelyabinsk city hospital, a limb saving centre was launched. Doctors have already helped hundreds of patients, reports

Picture: Chelyabinsk Regional Website 

One of the patients complained of pain in the toes: the blood almost did not flow there. Doctors had to urgently take the patient to the centre for limb saving – to carry out the operation: make a small puncture and widen the lumen of the vessel.

“Whether the disease was detected on time, whether the patient was brought to our centre in time — the effectiveness and efficiency of treatment depend on all of this,” says Alexey Konashov, head physician the hospital.

The center performs about 600 operations per year. Equipment in coloproctology was updated at the eighth hospital; for this 35 million rubles were allocated from the regional treasury.

Ru-Main, 30.01.2020

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