Russians Named Their Favourite Intellectual Games

The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) presented data from a survey of Russians on the issue of intellectual games. It turned out that the favourite games of the country’s inhabitants are chess and checkers (25%), the quiz “What? Where? When?” (17%), card games (for example, poker), the “Own Game” quiz and backgammon (6% each). 

The survey results showed that 39% of Russians surveyed play intellectual games. In particular, 5% play them almost daily, 10% play them several times a week, 9% several times a month, and 15% only occasionally. It is specified that more often than others young people (60–61%), active Internet users (56%), and residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg ( 53%) play intellectual games.

Among those who play mind games, 43% meet in person to play, 14% play remotely, and 33% play alone or against a computer. Those who meet in person for games prefer chess (28%), checkers (10%), cards (8%), monopoly (5%), and backgammon (5%). Distance players prefer chess (31%), cards (12%), and backgammon (6%). Those who play intellectual games alone or against a computer opponent prefer chess (20%), crosswords (6%), sudoku (5%), checkers (5%), and solitaire games (4%).

Those who do not play intellectual games explained this, first of all, by the lack of time (48%), other interests (26%), unsuitable age (5%), as well as their unwillingness or lack of a suitable company for games (4% each).

Finally, most of all Russians would like to teach their children and grandchildren to play checkers and chess (25%), “What? Where? When?” (3%), as well as backgammon, card and educational games (2% each).

Ru-Main, 27.07.2021 

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