New Survey: Every 3rd Russian Father Was Father Frost at Least Once in Lifetime

Every third Russian dad has ever dressed up as Father Frost to create a festive atmosphere for children, and every third mother has ever dressed up as a Snow Maiden, according to the results of the survey conducted by the SuperJob specialists. 

Picture: GorNovosti

According to experts, every third Russian father (34 per cent) has played the role of Father Frost for his children: 27 per cent of those have tried this role at home or away, and every tenth (10 per cent) — at an event at school or kindergarten.

Mothers are trusted with this role less often: only 4 per cent of the surveyed had to glue a beard and take a bag with gifts, and 1 out of 100 did it at home, while 5 per cent — at a matinée in a children’s institution. However, every third mother performed in the role of the Snow Maiden: 19 per cent have played it at home at least once, and 17 per cent — for a wider audience.

Russians who do not have children play New Year’s characters less often than those who are already parents. Every fourth of men (24 per cent) has ever been Father Frost: 10 per cent did it to amuse their relatives and friends, 7 per cent — at corporate parties, 8 per cent — when they were at school. Finally, 12 per cent of women also have experience playing the role of Father Frost. Fortunately, women had to play the Snow Maiden more often anyway (26 per cent).

Ru-Main, 23.12.2022
Source: SuperJob

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