New Survey: Every Second Russian Sums Up His Achievements in 2021

Since December is considered a traditional time for summing up the results of the outgoing year, specialists of the Russian job search service conducted a survey and found out that Russians take into account remembering the outgoing year. 

It turned out that every second Russian will analyze the year that passes. Men in the process of analysis try to pay more attention to their income and career growth, while women mostly concentrate on their health and self-development.

According to the results of the study, 52 per cent of Russians will sum up their personal achievements in 2021. In particular, 30 per cent will just mentally analyze the outgoing year, 18 per cent will write notes, 2 per cent will create a post about it on their pages in social networks, and another 2 per cent will save this information in a different form.

It is specified that Russian women are going to analyze the outgoing year more often than men (57 per cent versus 48 per cent, respectively). In addition, Russians with a salary of 80 thousand rubles sum up the personal results of the year more often than citizens with a lower level of income (57 per cent).

The study also showed that of the most important areas of life, Russians most often analyze their income (65 per cent), health (53 per cent), and self-development (51 per cent). Almost every second person at the end of the year will think about his career (49 per cent), another 35 per cent, about children, and 34 per cent, about personal relationships.

In addition, every third Russian will summarize the results in the field of education or advanced training, every fourth, their hobbies, another 24 per cent, completed projects, every fifth will recall their travels, 18 per cent will think about sports, and 12 per cent, about their spiritual growth.

Ru-Main, 20.12.2021 
Source: RIA Novosti 

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