New Survey: Russians Adhere to Healthy Lifestyle

By a healthy lifestyle, Russians primarily mean sports, the absence of bad habits, and proper nutrition, which follows from the results of a survey conducted by specialists of the SuperJob job search service. 

The study showed that 68 per cent of Russians consider themselves to be adherents of a healthy lifestyle, with 18 per cent completely sure of this, and 50 per cent rather confident about it. On the contrary, every third respondent (32 per cent) said that they have nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle (5 per cent said this without a doubt, and 27 per cent said that their lifestyle is rather unhealthy).

Experts clarify that more often than others respondents over 45 years old (71 per cent) and women (69 per cent versus 66 per cent among men) consider themselves to be healthy lifestyle adherents to one degree or another. Those who do not adhere to a healthy lifestyle are mostly belong to the generation of 35-44-year-olds (37 per cent).

In addition, it turned out that in the opinion of every second Russian citizen, the concept of a “healthy lifestyle” means sports, exercise, and physical activity. In turn, 42 per cent of respondents believe that a healthy lifestyle is the absence of bad habits, and 38 per cent say that the main thing is to have proper nutrition and not overeat.

Also, respondents named such components of a healthy lifestyle as daily routine (14 per cent), calmness and a positive attitude (8 per cent), walking in the fresh air and absence of diseases (5 per cent each), as well as spirituality (3 per cent), and having a work that you love (2 per cent). Another 14 per cent of those surveyed mentioned other signs of a healthy lifestyle (family well-being, leisure and travel, work-personal life balance, and others).

Ru-Main, 25.05.2021 

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