New Survey: Russians are Not Addicted to Gambling

Every eighth Russian considers himself to be a gambler, according to the specialists of the SuperJob job search service. According to their research, 13 per cent of Russians are gamblers, on the contrary to 70 per cent of those who are not. 

It turned out that men confessed being gamblers more often than women (15 per cent versus 11 per cent). In addition, there are more gambling Russians among people over 45 than among citizens under 34 years old (15 per cent and 11 per cent, respectively). Also, most of the gamblers are the respondents with an income of 80 thousand rubles (19 per cent).

Judging by the comments of the respondents, the top 5 spheres of life where the passion of Russians is most often manifested, is work, earning income, achieving goals, doing sports, learning new things, playing games (including card games, computer games, and betting), as well as buying lotteries.

Among the representatives of the most common professional groups, most of those who consider themselves to be gamblers are among logistics managers (35 per cent), marketers (33 per cent), and sales managers (29 per cent), while least of all, among nurses and office managers (4 per cent each).

Ru-Main, 07.05.2021 

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