New Survey: Russians Don’t Need Authoritarian Bosses and Control Freaks at Work

Experts of the SuperJob job search service conducted a study and found out that the majority of Russians (72 per cent) are confident that they show excellent results at work when they are not controlled by their bosses. According to their observations, too close attention of a boss usually creates stressful situations and interferes with the concentration of attention.  

On the contrary, 8 per cent of the respondents note that they work more successfully if a boss controls them at every stage of work. These are mostly young people (11 per cent of those under 24 years old). In turn, those who do not need managerial control for effective work are mostly respondents over 45 years old (79 per cent) and people with an income of 50 thousand rubles or more (77 per cent).

Assessing the management style of their current boss, 38 per cent of working Russians called him rather soft and liberal, and 35 per cent see him as mostly strict and authoritarian, while 27 per cent of those surveyed found it difficult to give an exact answer.

It is specified that the higher the income of the respondents, the more often they admit that they are working with a tough boss. So, among those surveyed with an income of less than 30 thousand rubles, 23 per cent of respondents work with a kind boss, while 38 per cent of those who earn over 80 thousand rubles work with a tough one. In addition, women and respondents from 35 to 44 years old (39 per cent each) see a strict person in their boss more often, and young people up to 24 years old (56 per cent) see their boss as a soft and liberal person.

Besides, the most strict and authoritarian bosses are found in Samara (52 per cent of respondents said so about their boss), Voronezh (48 per cent), Yekaterinburg (45 per cent), Kazan (44 per cent), and Ufa (42 per cent). In turn, employees from Novosibirsk (63 per cent), Chelyabinsk (56 per cent), Kazan (44 per cent), Rostov-on-Don (43 per cent), and Volgograd (41 per cent) more often called their bosses soft and liberal.

Ru-Main, 21.06.2021 

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