New Survey: Russians Don’t Trust Robotic Doctors

On June 20, Russians traditionally celebrate Medical Worker Day. Specialists of the Romir research holding time one of their studies for this holiday. Together with the international community of research companies GlobalNR, the experts studied the opinion of citizens of the world’s leading countries on the issue of robotization of the medical profession. 

Experts found out that 34 per cent of respondents from all over the world positively assess the idea of ​​replacing a doctor who operates on a patient with a robot. India became the leader among the countries in terms of the approval of this idea (61 per cent). It is followed by Italy (35 per cent) and China (34 per cent).

The least number of people who approved of medical robotics was recorded in Thailand (15 per cent). The same position against such an idea also shares Russia (26 per cent), as well as Germany (26 per cent). Of all the countries, residents of Thailand, Russia, and the United States have the most negative attitude to the idea of ​​robotization of the medical profession: 41 per cent, 38 per cent, and 38 per cent, respectively.

In particular, among Russians, 22 per cent of respondents are rather negative about the idea of ​​robotic hospitals, 14 per cent are neutral about it, and only 9 per cent consider this idea to be really good. Experts clarify that the share of those who positively assess the idea of ​​robotization of medical activities in Russia was 22 per cent among women and 30 per cent among men.

Ru-Main, 18.06.2021 

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