New Survey: Russians Enjoy Attending Corporate Parties

Most Russians enjoy corporate events organized by their employer, according to a survey conducted by SuperJob job search service specialists.  

The results of the study showed that corporate events held by employers are liked by 58 per cent of Russian employees (of which 21 per cent of respondents definitely like it and 37 per cent rather like it). Judging by the comments, the respondents are attracted by the possibility of informal communication and interesting common leisure with colleagues.

It is specified that those who like hanging out in the company of colleagues are mostly young people under 34 (61 per cent). Also, Russian women like corporate events more than men living in the country (60 per cent and 56 per cent, respectively).

It is noted that 58 per cent of Russians attended the last corporate event at work, and 16 per cent of respondents skipped it; another 26 per cent were unable to attend it for a good reason. It also turned out that men skip festive events in their companies more often than women (19 per cent versus 12 per cent).

Every second Russian found it difficult to evaluate the behaviour of colleagues who skip corporate parties without a good reason, but every third respondent rather approves of their decision (33 per cent). As a rule, the respondents explain their position by the fact that everyone is free to spend his free time as he wants. In turn, those who do not approve of such behaviour of their colleagues, consider informal events to unite a team and to be worth attending them.

Ru-Main, 04.06.2021 

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