New Survey: Russians See Many Opportunities in Entrepreneurship

On Russian Entrepreneur’s Day which was traditionally celebrated on May 26, the ‘Business Voice‘ all-Russian project presented the results of a survey of Russian businessmen on the reasons they chose to be entrepreneurs.  

The ‘Business Voice’ is a B2B research platform of the NAFI Analytical Centre, launched in December 2020 in partnership with the portal to support small and medium-sized businesses My Business and TASS. During the work, more than 10 leading market players have joined the project, namely Yandex, VK, Tinkoff,, and others.

According to the results of a survey conducted by the platform experts, the majority of business representatives in Russia (82 per cent) believe that an entrepreneur has more opportunities for self-realization than people who work for hire. The respondents also indicated that an entrepreneur is more independent (77 per cent) than those who work under an employment contract.

The decisive factors for choosing the path of an entrepreneur for the respondents were the ability to do something they really like (63 per cent), the desire to have a higher income (61 per cent), and independence from other people (61 per cent), which means a free schedule and independent determination of work tasks.

Ru-Main, 27.05.2021 

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