New Tomograph Launched in Novosibirsk Regional Hospital

The new magnetic resonance imager and angiograph presented to the head of the region in the Novosibirsk Regional Hospital. 

Picture: Novosibirsk Regional Website

The equipment was received due to the National Healthcare project. The first patients will have time to be examined before the new year. The new equipment allows doctors to expand the grey palette, that is to please the eye of a radiologist.

The MRI device was installed very close to a computer tomograph in an adjacent office. If the doctor has questions, you can send for an additional examination to see the whole picture.

“Until today, we only had an MRI scanner from medical budget organizations. Today we have a new apparatus and five or six more in the territory of the Novosibirsk Region. The demand is colossal, medical institutions had to conclude agreements with private companies in order to examine patients according to the standard,” says Anatoly Yudanov, head doctor of the Novosibirsk Regional Hospital.

Doctors can now see a better picture, and patients will receive a lower dose of X-rays. Initially, an angiograph was used to diagnose patients with cardiovascular disease. The clinic has a regional vascular centre. During the year, hundreds of people with heart attacks got there. Recently, x-ray surgeons have been using high technology to treat other patients.

Ru-Main, 30.12.2019

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