New Year Buses Presented to Novosibirsk Residents

Residents of the Moshkovsky district of Novosibirsk received a News Year’s gifts – three new buses that will run on three different routes. 

New buses were purchased as part of the state program “Ensuring the Accessibility of Public Passenger Transport Services”. The district administration at the expense of subsidies from the regional budget compensated 60% of the total cost of purchased buses.

According to Vladimir Nyurenberger, director of the Moshkovo trucking company, new buses will go to three different routes. These are Beloyarka-Moshkovo, Tashara-Moshkovo and Smolenka-Moshkovo.

Moshkovo trucking company was called one of the best in the region, according to Novosibirsk regional website. There is a fairly extensive network of bus routes and the highest traffic load. This is primarily due to the fact that a large part of the population lives outside the district centre. There are 23 social routes in the area.

Ru-Main, 16.12.2019

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