New Year Tourist Route Opened in Omsk

The New Year’s tour in Omsk includes five points: Dzerzhinsky Square, Museum Street, Resurrection Square, Exhibition Square, and the ‘Omsk Fortress’ historical and cultural complex. You can start your journey from any of these locations, om1 reports. The route will be open until January 14, 2021. 

The idea of ​​the project is to tell Omsk residents about New Year’s stories, the plots of which are related to the city and its inhabitants. It is noted that beautiful Christmas tree decorations are hung all over the city with a QR code, after scanning which, you can learn about the New Year’s celebration in the city during the war, as well as 54 other interesting stories.

Also in the Dzerzhinsky park, there is a dry fountain of many different lights that shimmer in different colours.

Having passed a little to the left, you can go through a New Year’s arch, which is made of tinsel, an iron frame and garlands. Further, a shining Christmas tree can be seen, inside of which are located bright red glowing balls.

Another installation was set up on Museum Street, telling about every month of the year.

On Voskresensky Square, there are two huge installations: “The Burning Heart” and “The Crown”.

The entrance to the Exhibition Square is decorated with a gate with a giant snowflake, and in the park itself, you can see glowing Christmas trees and figures of forest dwellers.

It is specified that the Omsk Fortress will become the epicentre of the New Year’s route. A glowing Christmas tree with a bow was already installed there and the skating rink was flooded (going out on the ice is free, the cost of skating rental for children is 100 rubles, for adults, it is 150 rubles).

Ru-Main, 27.12.2020, Picture: Omsk Regional Website 

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