Nizhny Novgorod Resident Got Into MTV Chart [Video]

A Nizhny Novgorod resident, Oleg Pikunov, wrote a song and got into the “Golden Age of MTV” playlist of the Yandex Music service. The song “Summer Flew By” was included in the top 94 world hits since 1998.  

“I am still in shock because it contains the compositions of the legends of the music industry, Alla Pugacheva, Sergey Zhukov & Hands Up!, Time Machine, Aerosmith, Madonna, Yuri Shatunov and many others. Judging by the list of artists and compositions, I think that I am the only provincial artist who got into it. I am very pleased that Yandex Music appreciated my song and included it in this playlist. I have watched MTV since childhood and only dreamed that someday my track would get into its rotation,” wrote Oleg on his Instagram-Page.

Ru-Main, 10.03.2021, Picture: Nizhny Novgorod Regional Website 

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