Nizhny Novgorod Hachiko Impressed Airports Visitors

Nizhny Novgorod residents and guests of the city said that in the ‘Strigino’ airports, a lonely dog ​​has been waiting for its owner for more than four days and does not leave the building for a moment, NewsNN reports with reference to the ‘Region-52’ VKontakte-Community

Nizhny Novgorod residents said that the dog sits at the entrance, and when people pass by, it whines plaintively. It doesn’t sleep well and only when other dogs come, it runs to play with them. Eyewitnesses say that the airport staff do not push the dog out of the building, since it is cold outside and the animal is afraid of other dogs. In the meantime, caring residents of the city are trying to find the owner of the dog or a new home for it.

Ru-Main, 09.12.2020, Pictures: Nizhny Novgorod VK-Community  

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