Nizhny Novgorod Residents Expect Tourist Crowds to Visit City This Summer

Specialists of the SuperJob job search service interviewed representatives of the economically active population of Russian million-plus cities on how much they lack tourists in their cities. It turned out that the residents of Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, and Krasnoyarsk are most of all expect tourists to visit their cities.  

Experts found out that 52 per cent of Nizhny Novgorod residents would like more tourists to visit their city and region. In Volgograd, every second person dreams of increasing the tourist flow (50 per cent). In third place in the ranking of the most hospitable cities is Krasnoyarsk (47 per cent). Also, 45 per cent of Petersburgers would like to see more tourists on the city streets but among Muscovites only 35 per cent want the tourist flow to their city to grow. In Omsk and Krasnodar, 32 per cent of respondents want to see more tourists. Finally, Perm is on the last line of the rating (30 per cent).

The respondents who would like more tourists to visit their region shared their opinion on the most promising holiday destinations. Thus, cultural and historical tourism was most advised by residents of Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Voronezh, and Rostov-on-Don. In Volgograd, the military-patriotic direction occupied the first place. The Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Novosibirsk, Omsk, and Perm residents, first of all, recommended going hiking and river rafting. In turn, river cruises are considered the most promising destination in Samara, while mountain tourism is recognized as the best tourist activity in Chelyabinsk and Krasnodar.

Ru-Main, 16.06.2021 

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