Nizhny Novgorod Showed Cats Sales Increase During Pandemic

After the start of the self-isolation regime, Nizhny Novgorod residents began to acquire pets more often. The demand for cats turned out to be much higher than for dogs or any other pets, NewsNN reported with reference to the Avito analytical centre.

The experts note that in general, the demand for pets among Nizhny Novgorod residents in the second quarter of 2020 became much higher than before. It is noted that cats and dogs were bought at Avito service 30% more often than before the pandemic, and 20% more often than in the same period a year earlier. It is specified that the average cost of a dog reached 17,700 rubles, and the cost of a cat was up to 4,900 rubles, though it has increased by 35% over the year. However, it turned out that there are more cat lovers than dog lovers in the city.

Ru-Main, 28.07.2020

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