Non-Cash Trade Turnover Share in Russian Small Business Reached 56%

The percentage of non-cash turnover in small and medium-sized businesses in Russia has grown to 56 per cent, TASS reports with reference to the results of a study by the Evotor IT company, conducted on the basis of data from more than 700 thousand smart terminals for April 2020 and April 2021. 

According to the data provided, the share of non-cash trade turnover in Russian non-network retail increased over the year from 54 to 56 per cent. In Moscow, this figure was 66 per cent and in St. Petersburg, the share of turnover increased over the year from 61 to 63 per cent. It was found that the highest share of non-cash turnover is in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District where over the year it increased from 73 to 75 per cent.

It is specified that in terms of the growth rate of the share of purchases using a card, the leaders are the Tyumen region (an increase over the year from 57 to 71 per cent) and the Kaliningrad region (from 47 to 58 per cent), as well as the Altai (from 43 to 51 per cent) and Krasnodar Territories (from 44 to 51 per cent).

It is also noted that in the Omsk region the share of non-cash payments increased from 60 to 66 per cent, in the Perm region from 65 to 66 per cent, in the Irkutsk region from 61 to 63 per cent, in the Kemerovo region from 55 to 61 per cent, in Udmurtia from 57 to 60 per cent, in the Samara region from 55 to 59 per cent, in the Novosibirsk region from 56 to 58 per cent, and in the Sverdlovsk region from 55 to 58 per cent.

Experts concluded that most often Russians prefer to pay by card in beauty salons (84 per cent), lingerie stores (81 per cent), coffee shops (76 per cent), flower shops (71 per cent), clothes (70 per cent), shoes (64 per cent), canteens (63 per cent), as well as in beauty and pet supply stores (57 per cent).

However, Russians buy food, tobacco, and alcohol mostly for cash. Thus, the share of non-cash turnover in beer shops is 51 per cent lower than the average in Russia. The same can be said about convenience stores (50 per cent) and specialized grocery stores (50 per cent). In addition, in some segments, the share of cash still exceeds card payments. These are hotels (49 per cent), tobacco retail (46 per cent), and alcohol stores (39 per cent).

Ru-Main, 06.05.2021 

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