Nord Stream 2 – Ready for Commissioning in Few Days

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will be ready for commissioning in the coming days, according to the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak at the Russian Energy Week 2021 International Forum.  


“The construction of Nord Stream 2 has been completed. Pre-commissioning activities and pipeline technological gas packing are currently underway, and I think that it will be ready for commissioning in coming days,” Novak said.

As the Russian official stated, the future situation with the operation of the pipeline depends on the European regulator. Commercial gas deliveries via Nord Stream 2 may start right after the regulator grants its permission, also taking into account European consumers’ applications.

As reminded, the Russian Energy Week International Forum takes place in Moscow on October 13-15 as a platform for discussing the main challenges faced by the world’s energy sector. The forum is aimed at demonstrating the prospects of the Russian fuel and energy industry for promotion of the international cooperation in energy.

“Officially, no one has approached the Energy Ministry or the government. Russia, in particular Gazprom, as the only exporter, fully fulfils its obligations under all contracts,” Novak added. “If anyone needs it, Gazprom will consider supply options based on the available production capacity.”

According to him, pumping into Russian underground gas storage facilities may be completed around the end of October this year.

Ru-Main, 14.10.2021
Source: TASS

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