Novosibirsk Beauty Appeared on Magazine Cover

Novosibirsk resident, Marina Zelenskaya, who has become the sexiest Siberian woman according to the Maxim men’s magazine, appeared on the pages of the magazine ‘MODNY DOM’, reports.  


Marina has been practising stretching since childhood and considers it to be the best prevention against salt deposition. In addition, the girl claims that this sport has a beneficial effect on the brain and can be practised at any convenient time.

“Stretching not only makes the figure beautiful, fit, and sexy but also has a positive effect on women’s health, disciplines the mind, teaches you to feel your body,” Marina said.

During the final of the Miss MAXIM contest, Marina took second place. The ‘MODNY DOM’ magazine which presents information in two languages, Russian and English, published several photographs with a girl. The pictures were taken by the famous Novosibirsk photographer Ilya Shendrikov.

It is noted that the magazine is distributed in almost all countries of Europe and the Middle East. Especially for each issue of the magazine, large-scale photo projects in the field of art and fashion are regularly held.

Ru-Main, 13.02.2021, Pictures: Novosibirsk Regional Website 

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