Novosibirsk Blogger Arranged Coca-Cola Fountain [Video]

The blogger from Novosibirsk, Maxim Monakhov, with the nickname “Mamix”, poured soda into a container with 10 thousand litres of Coca-Cola and filmed this on video. The height of the soda fountain was tens of metres. 

Mamix took several thousand bottles of soda, poured them together into a huge barrel, and made a huge fountain. According to the blogger, he had been preparing to shoot the video for 4 years and spent on this project 700,000 rubles. He posted the video on his YouTube page on August 21 and till now has managed to collect 5,406,681 views and get to the 3rd place in trends of the platform. 

Ru-Main, 23.08.2020 

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