Novosibirsk Doctors Kill Coronavirus With Infrared Rays

Novosibirsk doctors are introducing methods for treating coronavirus, with which they previously treated patients with other diseases, VN.RU reports. This method of therapy was used before to treat cancer, tuberculosis, and other diseases. 

Picture: Novosibirsk Regional Website

An oncologist, professor Sergei Nikonov, said that some of his colleagues contracted the coronavirus, against which bilateral pneumonia has developed in them. He emphasized that thanks to such therapy, they managed to be well again. First, a person takes a photosensitizer pill, and then the red LED lamps are used. It is the red light that has the longest wavelength and is able to penetrate deep into human tissue.

As part of the photodynamic therapy, a patient receives a special substance, which subsequently, when irradiated with red light, can not only destroy viral cells but also interfere with their replication. In the case of COVID-19, light-charged particles of a chlorophyll-based drug kill the RNA of the virus and also destroy its protein corona. It is specified that the results of the work suggest that soon this technique will be widely used.

Ru-Main, 28.06.2020

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