Novosibirsk Expects Abnormal Colds

Novosibirsk City Hall is urging residents to dress warmer. A sharp cooling will occur from November 14 to 16 in the region.

From -2 ° C to -28 ° C in just a couple of days, the temperature in Novosibirsk will change. An Arctic anticyclone is heading from the Arctic to Siberia, which will bring abnormally cold weather, told Lyudmila Parshina, the head of the laboratory of the Hydrometeorological Center. The main cooling will occur in the south of western Siberia, where the Novosibirsk region is located.

The first mighty snowfall turned Novosibirsk into a huge traffic jam
According to the official information (West Siberian Department of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring), on Friday, November 15, the temperature at night is -22, -24 ° C, during the day -18, -20 ° C. Wind 3-8 m / s. Ice on the roads.

In connection with the first severe frosts, the municipal emergency service recalls that when going for a walk in the forest or fishing in a pond, you need to remember the basic safety rules. Thin and still fragile ice is now only forming in bodies of water. On the rivers Ob, Berd, Inya and others, as well as on the Ob reservoir, water is still open.

Ru-Main, 15.11.2019

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