Novosibirsk Farmers to Be Taught Brand Promotion

The Farmer’s School, together with the My Business Centre, will teach young entrepreneurs of the Novosibirsk Region to produce and sell effectively. The demand for the school is growing, and if in the first stream there was a competition for two people for a place, then in the current stream, there are already four people, reports. 

It is noted that graduates of the first Novosibirsk course of study have already begun to apply their knowledge in practice. They create cooperatives in the field of beef cattle breeding. It is noted that the introduction of its own processing of products and cooperation in the farm helps to ensure high margins in agribusiness, that is why the training focuses on such areas as cooperation in agriculture and technologies for processing agricultural products.

At the site of the Novosibirsk State Agrarian University (NSAU), where the training takes place, there are well-equipped laboratories for processing milk and meat. Also, students will work on the basis of the “My Business” centre and learn to brand their products. Also, there will be a bonus from the Regional Government, field internships in the best farms, and when distributing grants to farmers, course participants will be awarded additional points, which will increase for them the possibility to receive a subsidy.

Ru-Main, 28.02.2021 

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