Novosibirsk Firefighters Competed in Speed in Emergency Liquidation [Video]

The competitions among firefighters were held in Novosibirsk. Seven teams took part in them and completed a number of difficult tasks as quickly and accurately as possible, reports.  

A special heat-protective suit is capable of withstanding up to 800 degrees Celsius for a short time. Firefighters put it on in order to deal with the elimination of the fire source. The preparation took two minutes and after that, water was supplied through the fire barrel to a car, where the firefighters had to eliminate the “fire source” with the help of foam. The water was supplied from a hydrant into a barrel, from there through the sleeves into a car, inside of which there was foam.

There were also other obstacles during the competition. For example, the participants had to get a stream of water into a small opening of a transparent container and fill this container through it. It is noted that all this and many other different things occur on any fire every day, so they should be ready to face such challenges.

Ru-Main, 26.09.2020 

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