Novosibirsk Resident Caught a Lucky Break: Man Won 1.5 Million Rubles Apartment

Luck smiled at a resident of the Novosibirsk region – he won an apartment worth 1.5 million rubles in the lottery.

He was amazed and shocked his wife – Vladimir Mironets checked the ticket several times before believing that he had won an apartment for 1.5 million rubles. The winner thinks that to win it is enough only to buy a ticket, the rest should be done by luck.

“I chose a lucky ticket randomly, without looking at the numbers,” said Vladimir.

Vladimir learned about his luck by checking a ticket on the Internet. He waited for his spouse and told her this stunning news. The Siberian says she is still shocked by such luck.
The winner already has an apartment, so he decided to take the prize in cash. Vladimir worked at a design institute, now he is retired, spends time with children and grandchildren.

Earlier, Novosibirsk residents already won the lottery – a 22-year-old student bought a ticket on the Internet and won 4 million, another resident of Novosibirsk guessed nine numbers and won 12 million. And a couple of years ago, an incredibly successful Novosibirsk citizen bought a Gosloto ticket for 100 rubles and won a super prize of 300 million rubles.

Ru-Main, 23.11.2019, Picture: Lottery press centre Website

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