Novosibirsk Resident Created Candles for Queen Elizabeth II

A craftswoman from Burmistrovo village in the Novosibirsk Region has already been collaborating for 4 years with the UK royal palace. Unique candles are decorated with flowers that the master sculpts from warm paraffin, VN.RU reports.  

Picture: Candle Master VK-Group

A few years ago, Alla Pavlenko sent candles to the 90th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. In response, the Alla received a photograph of the queen and a letter of thanks. Since then, the royal court has been constantly ordering candles from the craftswoman for Christmas and the Queen’s birthdays.

Picture: Novosibirsk Regional Website

In total, the master created over 300 candle compositions. It is noted that the main buyers of its products are from Europe and America, as in Russia, such handmade products are not very popular so far.

Ru-Main, 08.06.2020

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