Novosibirsk Residents Celebrated Maslenitsa on Grand Scale

In 2021, the Novosibirsk authorities made the open-air museum of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography the epicentre of the Maslenitsa celebration, reports. A snow fortress of huge size was built there, storming which was an obligatory component of the festival.  

Another popular entertainment of the ancestors of Russians was wall-to-wall fistfights (a crowd against a crowd). In ancient times, they beat in full force. In our times, the battle was replaced by the “Forged Chains” competition (when players stand in two lines opposite each other, holding hands, and one player from the line must run and break the “chain” from the hands of two players of the opposite line).

It is noted that all the entertainment took place against the backdrop of a historical programme. Thus, citizens could learn from the experts the peculiarities of the celebration of Maslenitsa in different historical eras.

It is noted that a bear was considered the constant companion of Maslenitsa in Russia. After all, it sleeps during the whole winter and if it wakes up, it means that spring has come. Therefore, during the festivities, men used to pull on a bearskin and dance. In large cities, even live bears were brought for celebrations.

Another must-have element of the Maslenitsa celebrations is a pillar with a prize at the top. One needs to climb on it as naked as possible, as skin plays the role of an additional fixator. A person needs to move along the pillar alternating the movements of the arms and legs, while the legs act as a retainer, and the arms lift him up.

However, dousing with ice water is a modern element that demonstrates people’s strength.

Finally, one of the distinctive features of the festival became the historical shooting gallery. Anyone could practise archery there under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Ru-Main, 16.03.2021, Pictures: Novosibirsk Regional Website 

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