Novosibirsk Residents Create Useful Mobile Applications

The results of the A-START competition were summed up in the Novosibirsk Technopark, where the innovators presented various projects, reports. 

Alim Bashirzade became one of the winners. His project is related to the aquarium fish zebrafish that are used for humanitarian purposes. These fishes help in testing new drugs, even before experiments with mice are conducted so that scientists understand whether the active substance can alleviate the symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

“When it shows its cognitive deficits, which we can capture on a video camera, we also do histology. And after that, we give the medicine and see if it helps to correct these cognitive deficits or not. And if it helps, this is a potential drug that can be further investigated and launched into preclinical and clinical trials,” Bashirzade said.

Developers of computer applications also participate in the competition every year. Viktor Ilinykh, for example, helps those who have started repairs. With the help of the mobile application he has developed, you can simulate a room, select building materials, see how this or that material will look like and whether the materials match, as well as draw up an estimate that a user can send to shops nearby to check availability and compare prices.

In turn, Elena Bakanova created an application to help people recover from depression. In the application, users can talk about anything they wish with a virtual friend. The bot will listen, support, help to cope with emotions, control and determine them 24/7. This is especially useful when a mother is experiencing some kind of stress being alone with a little baby; when she has anger, breakdown, or emotional burnout.

Ru-Main, 05.05.2021 

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