Novosibirsk Residents Expressed Attitude Towards License Plates Changing

In the Novosibirsk region, 30 per cent of residents put their old numbers on a new car, reports. Of these, 19 per cent explained their decision by the desire to retain a “beautiful” combination of numbers or letters, 11 per cent are used to the old numbers, 61 per cent change registration plates along with the car, and 8 per cent did not even know that plates can be changed. 

Picture: Auto Guide Website

According to the Drome car portal, most often people leave their old license plates on new cars because of the “beautiful” numbers in the Kurgan and Irkutsk regions (24 per cent). It is specified that from January 1, 2022, “beautiful” numbers can be officially purchased by paying a fee. The residents of the Moscow Region keep their registration plates mostly because of the habit (16.5 per cent). In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the majority of drivers (74 per cent) “do not waste time” changing numbers.

Ru-Main, 21.10.2020 

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