Novosibirsk Residents Increased Charity Expenses

The specialists of the MTS Bank analyzed the spending of residents of the Novosibirsk region on the New Year holidays, reports with reference to the director of the institution in Novosibirsk Alexander Solovenchuk. 

According to him, in the first half of January 2021 citizens spent most of their money in alcohol stores, on food delivery and online cinemas. There was also a 3.4-fold increase in online casino and lottery ticket purchases, and a further 2.3-fold increase in the number of charitable donations.

It is noted that due to self-isolation, most Siberians are now switching to cashless payments. Thus, in the very beginning of 2021, the total number of online transactions increased by 45 per cent over the same period last year. In particular, the number of payments on dating services in the first half of January 2021 increased 4.1 times, purchases in online cinemas increased 2.2 times, and expenses on ready-made meals grew by another 2.2 times.

In addition, the total amount of expenses on alcohol increased by 37 per cent and on other products in supermarkets by 14 per cent. The number of transactions in home improvement stores increased by 34 per cen and in travel sphere by 12 per cent, compared to the same period in 2020.

Ru-Main, 21.01.2021 

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