Novosibirsk Residents Learn Ballroom Dancing in Wheelchairs

The Interregional Wheelchair Dance Sport Federation held a masterclass in Novosibirsk, where 5 women and 1 teenager did their best to learn Latin American dances from world champions and prepare for All-Russian competitions.  

As noted, Novosibirsk residents with disabilities have been studying wheelchair ballroom dancing in Novosibirsk for a year. Particularly, they have been engaged in the Latin American programme, including sambo, cha-cha-cha, jive, rumba, and paso doble.

Thanks to the grant received by the organizer of the masterclass, Anna Murashkina, it was possible to purchase costumes and expensive wheelchairs for dancing (165 thousand rubles for one). It is explained that such wheelchairs differ from regular ones in their lightness, manoeuvrability and unusual position of the wheels, which allows performing turns easily.

Famous athletes from Omsk, Dmitry Rylov and Yulia Kurochkina, who have been professionally engaged in wheelchair dancing for five years, came to teach Novosibirsk residents.

“First of all, I do it for myself, for self-development. Try something new – why not? At first, it was a hobby. And then at the championship, I took third place, I received a CMS. I have reached another level, new goals have appeared. You want to move on, and you clearly see what you need to strive for,” a participant of the masterclass, Alyona Meleshina, said.

As stated, Alyona joined the Russian wheelchair dancing team and is now preparing for the World Cup.

Ru-Main, 26.10.2021
Source: VN.RU

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