Novosibirsk Residents on New Year’s Eve: Celebrations in Front of Opera House

Sparklers, fireworks and champagne under the main city Christmas tree. Instead of a celebration at home, thousands of Novosibirsk people came to celebrate the coming of the new year 2020 on Lenin Square.

Picture: Novosibirsk Regional Website

The rink did not work on New Year’s Eve; it was fenced for the safety of Novosibirsk citizens. The townspeople stuck around the ice perimeter of the rink and watched the fireworks.

“This is a family holiday, so the whole family has come here. Everyone took tangerines even champagne glasses. When there are more people, it’s more interesting to celebrate,” says Novosibirsk resident Egor.

Security was monitored by police officers. Explosions of firecrackers, loud songs and sparklers were the ways citizens expressed their feelings. Congratulations sounded not only in Russian.

“We came from Tashkent, we have +5 there, and there is absolutely no snow. And here is the New Year’s mood,” a couple of Novosibirsk guests said.

Despite the frost, many people did not want to leave the celebration, when it officially ended, reports VN.RU.

Ru-Main, 01.01.2020

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