Novosibirsk Residents Present Doctors With Protective Masks

Novosibirsk entrepreneurs and social activists help city doctors and acquire personal protective equipment at their own expense, VN.RU reports.  

“It all started with the fact that I just bought the means of protection for our ambulance Sovetsky District at my own expense, for a while I had enough. Subsequently, other townspeople joined this situation, my friends joined. We received transfers from some organizations, at the moment the total amount of money that we collected, purchased personal protective equipment, exceeded 4.5 million rubles,” said Evgeny Kashmensky.

Evgeny is the head of a large company in the IT sector. He began distributing respirators to doctors and ambulance teams for free, at his own expense. It is noted that for several months of charity work, he and his associates provided with the protective equipment medical staff of 50 medical institutions in the region.

Ru-Main, 10.07.2020

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