Novosibirsk Residents Reduced Time Spent on Driving Cars

Over the past 10 years, residents of Novosibirsk have started to drive less often, reports with reference to the Drome automobile site. No more than 15 thousand kilometres were driven by 50 per cent of motorists according to the data for 2020. 

It is noted that 5 years ago, this figure was 38 per cent, and in 2010 only 32 per cent of the drivers surveyed claimed a small mileage of their cars. The answer options “15-40 thousand kilometres” this year were chosen by 44 per cent of Novosibirsk residents (in 2015 it was 53 per cent, and in 2010, 58 per cent). It is specified that the average annual mileage of a car exceeds 40 thousand kilometres for 5 per cent of respondents this year, for 9 per cent in 2015, and for 10 per cent in 2010.

Ru-Main, 25.09.2020

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