Novosibirsk Residents Started Buying Creams and Perfumes for March 8

Online sales of perfumes grew 10 times in Novosibirsk on the eve of March 8. A high increase was also recorded in the sales of creams that jumped five times and soft toys that grew 9.4 times, reports. 

It is noted that over the past 2 weeks, customers have purchased 4.7 times more pans than a year ago. The sales of hair dryers increased 4.2 times and beauty boxes sales with various sets of cosmetics grew 4.5 times. In addition, at the end of February 2021, sales of unfading flowers jumped 21 times year-on-year in the region. The bestseller is a bouquet of scarlet roses, which will retain its freshness for several years.

According to the PR manager of Wildberries, Alexey Tretyak, the most expensive purchase among soft toys turned out to be a musical giant bear with a height of 2.2 metres and a cost of 5900 rubles. It is specified that laptops, smartphones, premium accessories, and jewellery also appeared in the top list.

Ru-Main, 03.03.2021 

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