Novosibirsk Thermophysics Institute Received 100 Million Rubles for Scientific Research

Novosibirsk scientists received a mega-grant for the development of science in the amount of 100 million rubles. The Institute of Thermophysics will buy new modern equipment, and a professor from Sweden will be in charge of the project, reports.

Picture: YouTube Video Screenshot

A young scientist, Mikhail Filippov, is working on how to quickly and permanently cool a steel plate. He tries to find the optimal air speed and angles of its supply, and records the results using a thermal imager. Mikhail is assisted by experts who observe vortex flows.

To figure out how to effectively cool the surface, a jet of cold air is blown onto the titanium plate. Thanks to the laser knife, scientists can literally see exactly how the gas flows. Experts know that the discovery of new cooling methods will extend life and improve the performance of microchips, processors, and gadgets.

In a nearby laboratory, other scientists observe the boiling processes of various substances under infrared rays. They are experimenting with low-temperature liquefied gases to solve the problem of removing high heat flux densities, for example, in microelectronics.

Ru-Main, 02.03.2021 

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