Novosibirsk to Receive ‘City of Labour Valour’ Title

At the session of the regional parliament, the deputies unanimously approved the appeal of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk Region to the President, Vladimir Putin, with a request to award the city of Novosibirsk the title of “The City of Labour Valour”. 

The deputy, Igor Grishunin, recalled that during the Great Patriotic War, Novosibirsk was a powerful industrial centre, providing the front with the most important types of products. It was one of the largest evacuation centres. Now, in support of conferring the honorary title on Novosibirsk, more than 56 thousand signatures have been collected, dozens of public organizations have supported the appeal. In rural areas, this initiative has also been supported.

Ru-Main, 26.03.2020

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