Novosibirsk Veterinarians Train Dogs Underwater [Video]

Novosibirsk veterinarians conduct rehabilitation courses for pets who have undergone surgery on the spine and joints. Beyond the Urals, this is the first water treadmill for dogs; similar ones are only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, reported.  

It is noted that the maximum load on the canvas is 80 kilogrammes. The load in water is completely different from that on land. In the water, animals, which find it difficult to lean on the surface of the earth, are easier to walk, and moving canvas stimulates their step. The mini-pool is always 30-35 degrees Celsius. After the water procedure, drying is mandatory, either with a hairdryer or a regular towel. It is specified that not only operated patients are allowed to walk on the treadmill, but also healthy dogs, to keep fit for exhibitions and competitions, as the track is accelerated to 10 kilometres per hour.

Ru-Main, 05.08.2020 

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