Number of Nail Salons in Novosibirsk Jumped by Quarter

The number of nail salons in Novosibirsk over 3 years has increased by almost a quarter, stated the study of 2GIS. According to the service, now they have more than 28,000 sites where they offer nail care services, NGS reports. 

Novosibirsk is second only to Moscow and St. Petersburg in number of nail salons. In St. Petersburg there are about 1230 residents per nail studio, in Moscow, there are 6800 people, and in Novosibirsk, there are 877 people per nail studio.

The closest competitor of Novosibirsk in the development of the nail business can be considered Yekaterinburg, where there are 1382 of them, with one studio per 1073 residents. According to 2GIS, the largest network now can be considered 4hands (14 branches) and Chio Chio (11 sites).

Ru-Main, 08.03.2020

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