Omsk Bears Woke Up due to Abnormally Warm Weather

In the Bolsherechensk Zoo, bears are already not sleeping. They cannot fall into hibernation due to abnormal December warming. 

Several animals fell asleep in November, with the first frosts. The workers of the zoo put to animals’ houses hay so that the bears would be warmer. But from last Thursday in Bolshereche settlement it became too warm, the bears woke up from the heat.

In order for the bears to fall into hibernation again, the air temperature should drop to at least -10 degrees. Weather forecasters predict such weather only closer to the New Year.

The Bolsherechensk Zoo now contains six bears. Two of them – Kuzya and Dasha have not yet slept, three – fell asleep and woke up from the heat. Only one bear had a good sleep – Ursa Kroha was the first one who fell asleep and still sleeps, despite the temperature jumps and the anxiety of her relatives.

Ru-Main, 10.12.2019

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