Omsk Eco-Farm Held Virtual Tour [Video]

People’s Company “Open House” which is building a greenhouse capable of producing a year-round harvest, presented a video shot in 3D. Using computers or tablets, one can take a tour online. 

Siberian Eco-farm is a project for the cultivation and delivery of environmentally friendly and healthy vegetables, herbs, berries, and fruits. Walking through the farm online, you can see a warm area which will later be compacted with soil for insulation. The structure itself is two-layer and is pumped with argon. It is noted that supports have already been installed inside and a platform is visible, along which special equipment for pollination of strawberries will ride.

Other zones of the future structure can also be seen virtually. An emergency exit and a special technical room are being prepared, in which a well, a heating unit, and pumps will be installed. The dome itself is made of durable material which is very difficult to tear. Additionally, an administrative and economic block will be erected, which will include a product processing workshop.

Ru-Main, 22.10.2020, Picture: Omsk Eco-Farm VK-Community  

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